My Educational Life

Hello, my name is Colton J. McCurdy and I am currently in my final year at Allegheny College, majoring in Computer Science! I have successfully completed a number of courses ranging from introductory and intermediate level Java courses to more advanced courses such as Principles of Computer Organization, Database Systems, Analysis of Algorithms and Software Engineering. Computer Science is a field of infinite possibilities — I quickly discovered this! Also, computer science is extremely interdisciplinary and I often find myself questioning why people in other disciplines don’t adopt computer science concepts to make their life easier.

Currently, my interests lie in software testing, specifically, I have spent time researching mutation testing to determine test suite adequacy and ways to reduce the cost of mutation testing. To read more about what I have been up to, check out my papers. I have done a lot of work analyzing and visualization mutation testing data in the R programming language. Most other scripts or projects that I have worked on by myself have been done in Clojure and I am currently trying to use the Go programming language more often. If you want to check out some of my projects, I highly recommend checking out my GitHub page. I am pretty good about using Git and GitHub to manage my projects!

Descriptions of the courses that I am enrolled in, have completed, along with courses needed to fulfill the major in Computer Science can be found in the Allegheny College catalogue. In addition to majoring in Computer Science, I have completed minors in Economics and Mathematics. For a complete listing of the courses that I have completed and am enrolled in for this semester, visit my LinkedIn or check out the Education page.

The More Important Things in Life

I am very fortunate for the life that I have been blessed with. My parents are both loving and hard-working people who have both shown me through their work that nothing in life is easy, but if you work hard and smile, good things can happen. In addition to having great parents, I have two younger siblings. Although I don’t mention it often, they are also pretty awesome — not cool enough to have a website, though.

Last, but absolutely not least, I have Meghan. Meghan and I recently got engaged after 6.5 years of dating. A lot of people might think that we are too young, but after I tell them how long we have been together, they understand. Meghan has dealt with my geekiness for well over six years now. These six-plus years have been the best years of my life. I can say with certainty that these years together are just a prelude to the rest of my life with Meghan. Together Meghan and I have two dogs, Zola and Mila — most people consider them to be horses. Zola is a Saint Bernard and is exactly one year younger than her sister, Mila. Mila is a 130-pound English Mastiff — believe it or not, she is actually pretty small for her breed.

When I am not inside on my computer, taking care of the dogs or hanging out with Meghan I am probably cycling on my road bike around the lake. Cycling is a hobby that I picked up in 2014 to force myself to stay in shape after my first year in college and not being on any sports teams — this was a first in my life. Since 2014, I have participated in two 150-mile rides which are only a fraction of the total miles that I have ridden. If I were to take a guess, I would say that the total number would slightly pass 1000 total miles.